Game Of The Week

Kingston's Immortal Game

Kingston embarked on his chess journey at the age of five, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for the game. Starting with the Italian opening, he diligently immersed himself in its theory and tactics, honing his skills with dedication and enthusiasm. During a pivotal tournament match against a fellow classmate, Kingston showcased his expertise in the Italian opening. His opening moves unfolded flawlessly, adhering to the principles he had meticulously studied. However, Kingston's keen observation skills revealed his opponent's unconventional choice: instead of playing a6, the opponent opted for b3, inadvertently trapping Kingston's bishop. Remaining composed and collected, Kingston carefully calculated the consequences of the position and executed the move d4. This bold maneuver not only liberated his trapped bishop but also established a dominant central presence. Kingston's strategic prowess came to the fore, setting the stage for an exciting and dynamic contest.

Games Played by our coaches

Tyler's Immortal Game

Tyler, a chess enthusiast who embarked on his chess journey nearly three years ago, developed a profound passion for the game. This remarkable story unfolds during the Vegas Open, where Tyler achieved a remarkable victory, securing first place in the tournament. Known for his preference for 1. d4 openings, Tyler was gearing up for a long, strategic, and positional battle. However, his opponent had other plans and opted for the Semi-Slav defense. Unfazed, Tyler decided to unleash the Boar's Attack, a daring and aggressive choice. In an audacious move, Tyler decided to make not one, but two queen sacrifices during the course of the game, all in pursuit of victory. Despite these daring maneuvers, Tyler managed to navigate the complex positions, outmaneuver his opponent, and ultimately emerged victorious, etching this thrilling chess battle into the annals of his chess journey.