Tim Ferriss podcast with Arnold Schwarzenegger highlights

February 28,2022 | Chess in the World

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In Tim Ferriss' most recent podcast he had on the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger as his guest. Arnold went out of his way to discuss how important to him afterschool programs for kids are. He highlighted chess specifically as one that he would love to promote because of how much it can benefit the youth. Here is one small excerpt where he mentions his passion for these things through love for the movie Brooklyn Castle.

"Like for instance, Brooklyn Castle. If someone would have come to me and said, “Hey, here’s a documentary we want to do about after school programs and inner city kids”, I’d say, “Wait a minute, those are two things I’m very passionate about.” I love playing chess, which is what it’s all about, right, the documentary. How kids in the inner cities play chess and how they become smart and how they stay off the streets and therefore not get into trouble with teenage pregnancy and get into juvenile crime and all those things. They have adult supervision and they get confidence. Those are kids that 70% of them are below the poverty line. So that’s a great story and it is something that both of them, chess and inner city kids and after school programs, I feel passionate about. So I would have put money into that. And I wouldn’t have been in it. I would have done it because I think it’s a story that ought to be told."